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Sunshine Power

Chairman/Founder of Help For The Children. Inc.

Born on Christmas morning, named by her father as Emmanuel, until his wife informed him that the new baby was not a boy. Name change to Sunshine. At the age of 15, Sunshine left the country home where the family lived to finish her education at a trade school in the Capitol city of Haiti, Port of Prince. Later she secured a job with a division of (UPI) United Press International, a news gathering agency. There she met Sandra Singer and Serge Beaulieu, who unofficially adopted her as their daughter. (She was too old for legal adoption). Seeing her skills and natural business savvy, for her 18th birthday they gave her the gift of coming to the United States to live.

They knew that in America she would have the opportunity to reach her professional potential. Her first job in New York City was with CNS news, covering the United Nations. While there she also became involved as a translator between English and French languages. Although her job was very time consuming, she still found time to help out with the children’s ministry at her church. She had tenderness in her heart for orphans, having lost her own parents. Her heart’s desire was to gather her scattered siblings and bring them all together in America. The well-meaning advice from her adult mentors was to keep looking forward, save yourself first. Sunshine knew they had no clue of the depth of her homesickness for her siblings. One way or another she was determined to reunite her family.
Sunshine made her way to Hollywood via International Model and Talent Association (IMTA) where she won Model & Talent of the Year in 1998. TV-Commercial Real. This resulted in an acting contract with Universal Studios. As she was preparing to sign the contract, she could hear the still small voice of her Lord saying, “This is not the way I have planned for you.” She obeyed, put down her pen, picked up her suitcase and headed back to the East Coast.
While she was making a comfortable living, she was sending money back to Haiti to help her siblings survive.

The Lord gave Sunshine a vision for ministering to the inner city children of Providence with shelter, clothes, food, tutoring, etc., but she also wanted to provide for her own siblings. Her first reaction to His call to this ministry was that she was happy to do the work, but she did not want to try to establish an organization.

However, God reminded her that “helping her family, was only part of her mission. True love is when you give sacrificially to people who will never be able to pay you back.” This gave birth to "Help for the Children, Inc.", a ministry run entirely by faith, trusting in the same God that faithfully provided for all her needs, day by day.
In the beginning of 2003, Sunshine was given the okay from the Lord to bring her five younger siblings to America to help her run this ministry, which clearly needed more people if it was to grow.
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