Chaplain Ministry
Help For The Children, Inc.
Defend the poor and fatherless, do justice to the afflicted and needy
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CEO: Chaplain Ministry Help For The Children, Inc

President: Jeunesse En Action


The Foundation Directors oversee the activities to solicit and receive contribution of funds to conduct the business of the foundation. Help For The Children, Inc.invites members whose ideas would be beneficial to establish economic and financial resources to be used for the above mentioned purpose.

Help For the Children, Inc. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES:

a) To carve for the Orphans & Needy Children a place in the Sun in the endeavor, we are         determine to seek peace and pursue it, for it is the will of God for all man. 
b) To promote and stimulate friendly interests among its members, to develop a fraternal         spirit with desire to render voluntary aid and assistance to one another at all times. 
c) To guaranteed aid and protection for the Orphans and Needy Children, Elderly and Needy     people without fee or charge, without discrimination of race, color, or religion, to care for       the homeless, disenfranchise by giving concrete material and spiritual support. 
d) To raise fund by voluntary subscription for the purpose mention in our constitution


1.) Hard work and dedication will make the organization succeed. 
2.) Spiritual education to help the Orphans and Needy Children for a better future. 
3.)  Promote liberty, equality, brotherhood, freedom and self determination of all.
4.) Provide the necessary benefits to establish the principles of collective security for surety        to united people 
5.) By the righteousness of our cause we shall secure the integrity and sovereignty of who          we are. 
6.) With the integrity of our commitment, we shall put a relief to the oppressive conditions           affect the Orphans and Needy Children, and to reach to as many as we can. 
7.) This comprehensive plan of empowerment is a contract among members of Help For The      Children, Inc. for the accomplishment of its aims and objectives.
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